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A journey of personal development and spiritual growth and a holistic transformation.

The world’s premier platform for spiritual leadership and the applied sciences of personal development, Brain Health and Positive Psychology with a Biblical perspective.

The vision of Bible Brain Health is to train & equip Christian professionals and chruch pastors as Biblical Based Spiritual Life Coaches, Brain Health life coaches and Spiritual Leadership Coaches and mentors.

“Let God transform you by changing the way you think” (Romans 12:1-2)

Jackson Ndecheck

Mindset Mastery


Special focus on healing.

The full coaching package includes

  • A Biblical approach to cognitive behavior therapy
  • Discover and embrace your uniqueness
  • Identify with the lifestyle of your calling (Ephesians 4)
  • Biblical forgiveness and letting go
  • Repentance that leads to healing
  • Acceptance and dealing with mistakes and failures
  • Restoration and moving forward
  • Mindset and biblical world view
  • Choices, habits, and lifestyle

My Approach

Letting go of your past through intentional forgiveness and discover the treasures of your current potentials. Capitalize in these new discoveries of your potentials to set actionable goals towards your vision and purpose in life. 

The beauty of forgiveness and letting go of our past life experience is that we gain the wisdom of the season through the things/pains we suffered. 

This journey of healing and a solution based counseling will help you to gain the self empowerment to review your greatest fears. Accept the reality that you are not broken and nothing in your life needs fixing, but rather the events affected you and influences the choices you made following the impact of those events. 

The truth is no event in the past can take away your true potential and self value. It’s our pains, disappointment, frustration and guilt including regrets in life that affect our mindset and can potentially cripple our ability to move forward because of the beliefs we hold as interpretations of what we think about the above list. 

For example, if I’m having pains on my body and my beliefs about the pains is that I’m useless that’s why I have these pains or guilt, rather than my desire to seek solutions to the pains which could potentially affect my entire life. 

But suppose I seek help from a physician and was told I needed to take a day of rest because my pains are a sign of stress, then the same pains helped me to learn about my current lifestyle and might lead me to make some changes to be at my best. 


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