Academy for Biblical Spirituality and Holistic Well being

A journey of personal development and spiritual growth and a holistic transformation.

The world’s premier platform for spiritual leadership and the applied sciences of personal development, Brain Health and Positive Psychology with a Biblical perspective.

The vision of Bible Brain Health is to train & equip Christian professionals and chruch pastors as Biblical Based Spiritual Life Coaches, Brain Health life coaches and Spiritual Leadership Coaches and mentors.

“Let God transform you by changing the way you think” (Romans 12:1-2)

Jackson Ndecheck

Mindset Mastery


Special focus for Business and Vision Development.

The full coaching package includes

  • 3-6 month coaching journey with coaching sessions to
    achieve your goal
  • 6-month membership to Jackson’s Spiritual Leadership
    facebook group
  • Discover gads call for your profession
  • Understanding the kingdom of god through the prisms
    of your work
  • Becoming an ambassador of the Kingdom of God like Daniel, Esther, David

My Approach

Understanding the vision of your life and the vision that underpins your business company to enable you achieve your desired goals in life/in business. 

In Habakkuk 2:3 we are told to write down the vision using simple words to make it clearer for us and our hearers. In other words “make it clear” simply means use words that help you step into practical responsibility.

During the journey of this coaching package, you will be encouraged and challenged to actively write down your vision and set simple practical steps towards your goals and outcomes in life.

Your beliefs about self, your beliefs about God’s vision for your life and learning how to put this into action. 

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